Field trip: smart water management in Barcelona | 16 nov 2022

2022-10-07 13:46:04

This field trip, organised by the SCOREwater project, will bring you to the beating heart of the water management systems of Barcelona.

  • When: 16 November, 15:00-17:30
  • Duration: +- 2 ½ hours
  • Language: English
  • For whom: 1) City officials who can pick up ideas from the Barcelona approach, or contribute ideas themselves, and 2) parties concerned with climate adaptation - on a technical level, but also implementation.
  • Sign up through this link

First stop of the trip

Our first stop is at  Barcelona Cicle de l'Aigua, SA (BCASA), which is within walking distance from the Fira de Barcelona – where the Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 takes place. This company is created by the Barcelona City Council in 2014 to manage the city’s entire water cycle. Next to this, BCASA carries out activities and provides services directly or indirectly related to the water cycle, beaches, the coast and the environment. Central during this stop is how modern technology is used for effective and sustainable water management.  

To get to our next stop we will take the metro (+- 20 minutes travel)

Second stop of the trip

After learning about the city’s water management system at BCASA, it’s time to go underground, literally. We will visit the Joan Miro rainwater detention tank. A huge underground concrete structure located under the Joan Miro park, which can hold up to an equivalent of 22 swimming pools of water. This is one of the 15 integrated underground tanks within the urban water cycle of the city, whose main function is to minimize flooding in the key points of the city and protect the receiving environment. Central during this stop is showing how water management is put in practice.