Webinar on bridging the gap between cities and water technology providers

2020-10-19 13:19:23

When: November 19
Time: 10-11:30

Language: the entire event will be in Dutch

On November 19, between 10.00 – 11.30, SCOREwater, NWP and Jelmer will organize a webinar which brings together Dutch cities and watertech providers of solutions for contemporary water issues of cities. Climate Change brings new challenges to cities, how to deal with heatwaves and drought on the one side and how to deal with floods on the other. With those problems, other issues evolve such as issues of water quality, efficient water use and storage and recycling water.

Dutch cities have turned to SCOREwater, NWP and Jelmer to inform them about the various solutions available on the market to face the issues of their city.

During this inspiration session, the cases of Amersfoort and Zwolle will be presented. Companies with relevant technologies are invited to pitch their technology. The purpose of the inspiration session is to inform and inspire cities about potential solutions for their challenges.

Given the wide range of challenges, this session will focus on the cases submitted by the cities of Amersfoort and Zwolle.  

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Case Amersfoort

To become more circular, Amersfoort is looking into alternative waste water treatment solutions for black and grey water, e.g. constructed wetlands. Amersfoort wants to have monitor and control the quality of the water treated by the wetlands. Questions they would like to see answered: what solutions are available to monitor and control the waterquality discharged after treatment by wetlands, which technical aspects need to be addressed, how to guarantee continued monitoring?

Case Zwolle

The City of Zwolle is proactive in the acceleration of climate adaptation within their city and its region. Towards a more Resilient City, Zwolle has an extensive and inclusive project called Sensehagen. Watertech and public participation plays a key role in this project. To address the various challenges Zwolle uses various apps and tools. Now they are looking for a system that allows all apps to communicate with one another and that helps to analyse and understand the data collected by the different tools an apps.

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