Aug 2021 D3.4 Integration of Smart water data models (compliant with FIWARE-models), smart algorithms and data-driven models in the SCOREwater Platform Download pdf
Aug 2021 D3.2 Implementation of the SCOREwater platform based on existing components, tailored by the specification delivered by WP1 Download pdf
Aug 2021 D4.4 Input to revision phase regarding testing technologies for water management Download pdf
Aug 2021 D3.3 Integration and connection of sensors and algorithms to the SCOREwater platform including processing, storage and transformation of data to Open API’s Download pdf
Jun 2021 D5.3 Recommendations for future development of technologies for water management Download pdf
Apr 2021 D3.5 Functional and Technical Guidelines for implementation of Privacy Enhancing Technologies within the SCOREwater Platform Download pdf
Oct 2020 D7.8 Organize events Download pdf
Sept 2020 D5.2 Lessons from adapting resilience indicators to flooding and storm- water management Download pdf
July 2020 D4.16 Integration of existing ICT modules in the SCOREwater platform Download pdf
July 2020 D2.4 1st version of data- driven models report for a water-smart society Download pdf
May 2020 D8.6 Plan for synergies with other projects Download pdf
May 2020 D3.1 Functional and Technical analysis of existing systems and applications with description of standards, connections and data. Download pdf
April 2020 D7.7 Sharing experiences and demonstration cases Download pdf
April 2020 D4.2 Input to implementation phase regarding prototyping technologies for water management Download pdf
Oct 2019 D8.3 Risk Management Plan Download pdf
Oct 2019 D7.3 Website Download pdf
Oct 2019 D7.2 Communication action plan Download pdf
Oct 2019 D7.1 SCOREwater Identity Download pdf
Oct 2019 D5.1 A framework for specifying how to develop users’ needs and requirements in an iterative process Download pdf
Oct 2019 D4.1 Assessment of baseline conditions for all demonstration cases Download pdf
Oct 2019 D1.1 Requirement specification (hardware, software, standards) Download pdf