SCOREwater mission is to connect governments, universities and urban developers and technology professionals within the water society to develop and test water-smart digital solutions and best practices to strengthen cities’ resilience.


SCOREwater vision is to link the physical and digital world for city water management solutions. To reach the ultimate goal to play a part in solution for climate change and urbanization, addressing several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the new Urban Water in the Agenda 2030.


SCOREwater is unique because it develops and test advanced digital technologies tailored to stakeholders needs through close, constant co-creative collaboration with developers, guided by social science expertise and generalized to enable further utilization.


The project ensures tools and best practices towards addressing several of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Agenda 2030:

  • to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being (SDG 3)
  • the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation (SDG 6)
  • enhance inclusive, safe and resilient cities (SDG 11)
  • ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns (SDG 12) and combat effects of climate change (SDG 13).

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SCOREwater will also help local governments and water operators to respond to the requirements of the new Urban Water Agenda 2030 and to implement the commission's Digital Single Market for Water Services Action Plan 1.

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